About the District


Our office is open from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except holidays. When the office is closed, our answering service will dispatch a crew to repair broken water mains and unstop clogged water mains. Please understand that after-hour services do not include dealing with billing matters. Only emergency services are handled and questions about your bill or services are handled when the office is open.

Where we get our water:

We purchase most of our water from the North Channel Water Authority which purchases treated water from the City of Houston. The City obtains raw water from Lake Houston (San Jacinto River) and the Trinity River. The water is treated to Federal and State drinking water standards before being distributed to the city’s customers. Occasionally we pump water from our own water wells to ensure that they remain in operating condition in the event the City of Houston is unable to meet our needs. The District’s water production facilities have emergency generators to allow us to meet our drinking water needs in the event of power failures.

Where our sewer goes:

The sewer collected by the District’s sewer collection system and is pumped to a regional wastewater treatment facility where it is treated to Federal and State standards before being discharged into Carpenter’s Bayou. The bayou flows into Galveston Bay and then to the Gulf of Mexico. The District’s sewer pump stations have emergency generators to allow us to pump the wastewater from our collection system in the event of power failures.

Meter Reading and Billing Schedule:

Depending on weather conditions, we usually begin reading meters about the 10th day each month and reading is usually complete by the 15th. Bills are usually mailed around the last day of each month. If you do not receive a bill by the 5th of the month, please check your account on-line or call the office. We have no way of knowing if your bill is lost in the mail or delivered to the wrong address. It is your responsibility to keep your account paid to avoid late payment penalties and disconnection for non-payment.

Water District Tax Office:

For information regarding your Water District property taxes, please visit http://www.bli-tax.com/index.php
or call (713) 932-9011.

District Information:

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Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 53
c/o Sanford Kuhl Hagan Kugle Parker Kahn LLP
1980 Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 1380 • Houston, Texas 77056 • (713) 850-9000

Judy Grant, President • [email protected] • Term Expires: May 2026
Andre Bradley, Vice President • [email protected] • Term expires: May 2026
Drew Fontenette, Secretary/Treasurer • [email protected] • Term Expires: May 2024
Kristine Johnstone, Assistant Vice President • [email protected] • Term Expires: May 2026
Peter Mitchell, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer • [email protected] • Term Expires: May 2024

Revenue decrease $87,165 – 2.1%
Expense increase $11,211 – 0.35%

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